Dancing Up A Storm: 9 Christian Short Stories

Dancing Up A Storm: 9 Christian Short Stories
Pages: 170
Published: February 15th 2016 by HopeSprings Books
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Genre: Fiction
Language English
Author: Lynellen D.S. Perry

A boxed set / anthology featuring the winners of the 2015 "Storming the Short Story" contest, which was hosted by The Woodlands (Texas) chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). Table of Contents: “When I'm Gone” by Angela K. Couch First Place Romance Summer 1942. Just before the competition that could launch their careers as professional ballroom dancers, Elaine Mathews’s partner, James Larson, gets drafted into the army. Now, with her dreams and the man she loves hanging in the balance, Elaine must acknowledge what she’s most afraid to lose. “Dancing in the Rain” by Marion Ueckermann Honorable Mention Romance Their outdoor wedding planned for the middle of Africa’s rainy summer, chances are it’ll pour on Mirabelle Kelly’s bridal parade—after all, she is marrying Noah Raines. To make matters worse, the African Rain Queen, Modjadji, is invited to the wedding. Mirabelle must shun her superstitions and place her faith in the One who really controls the weather. “Dancing Hands” by Derinda Babcock First Place Contemporary Morgan hears, Toby doesn't. Their two worlds intersect and expand when the language of the hands allows them to sing, dance, and heal. “Teething Troubles” by Elizabeth Pina Honorable Mention Contemporary When dancing is replaced by diaper changes, Todd's life becomes one problem after another. Is it the beginning of the end for him and Maria, or just the teething troubles of a young marriage? “Fred & Ginger” by Steve Hooley Honorable Mention Contemporary When a new dance studio opens in his small town, Fred's boring life is totally disrupted. And even worse, the new owner, Ginger, reminds him of his late wife. When Ginger asks Fred for help, can he move out of his comfort zone and onto the dance floor of a new life? “Last Waltz” by Toby Quirk Honorable Mention Contemporary In the summer of 1969, the backlash from the war in Vietnam spread through cities and campuses all over America. The homecoming ball at West Point was about to become engulfed in the violence. "The Confession” by Kathrese McKee First Place Speculative Christine accepts one last assignment on Earth with her news crew to revisit treasured memories. Arrested as a spy, she has the option of dancing to her captors' tune or deciding what her confession will be. “Night Dance” by Gretchen E. K. Engel Honorable Mention Speculative.

Kati is hired by a wealthy woman to find the cause of her son's illness. Lonan believes his parents want his younger brother to be their heir apparent and begins a search for his birth parents. The quest forces him to reconcile his past with his present. “The Dance of the Light Brigade” by Steve Hooley Honorable Mention Speculative Penult 666 has nearly destroyed the Earth and is moving in for the kill shot. David Benjamin's brigade of six hundred is chosen to lead the counter attack, a suicide mission. Can Benjamin set aside his personal pride in the brigade's performance and make the ultimate sacrifice to save the Earth? Proceeds from the sale of the anthology will be donated to the Scholarship Fund of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).

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