Journey Across Zombie Texas

Journey Across Zombie Texas
Published: March 28th 2017
Series The Living Dead Boy
Goodreads Rating: 4.42
Genre: Horror
Language English
Author: Rhiannon Frater

Twelve-year-old Josh wants only two things in life: to guide his friends, both old and new, across the zombie-infested Texas countryside to the airlift in San Angelo, Texas using his knowledge of zombie lore, and to be reunited with his dad and baby brother at the FEMA camp. If only he didn’t have to deal with one of the most deadly threats of any zombie apocalypse: a teenage boy determined to woo Josh’s crush, Corina, and take over the small band of kids. Josh and the Zombie Hunters survived some of the worst situations the zombie apocalypse has to offer in The Living Dead Boy and Lost in Texas. Now they’ll have to make hard choices and risk their very lives to Journey Across Zombie Texas.

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