Pages: 82
Published: December 21st 2013
Series Shade
Goodreads Rating: 4.30
Genre: Young Adult
Language English
Author: Jeri Smith-Ready

A free download at the author's website on December 21, 2013. STRENGTH MEANS STANDING ALONE Or so seventeen-year-old Zachary Moore believes. He’s free now after two months in solitary captivity, where his only refuge was madness. Finally home in Scotland, he’s determined to “get sane” in time to reunite with the girl he loves. STRENGTH MEANS STAYING SILENT To keep Aura safe, Zachary must build a wall of secrets around his past and present. No one can know how shattered he’s become. But the harder he tries to fix himself, the more his mind unravels, until memory, fantasy, and reality blur more than ever. With the help of an old friend--as well as an old enemy--Zachary must find the strength to speak. The strength to not stand alone. A hopeful yet heartbreakingly realistic companion novella, “Shattered” lets readers into the fractured mind of the Shade trilogy's most mysterious and beloved character.

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