The Mask of Storms (Blood and Honor Book 1)

The Mask of Storms (Blood and Honor Book 1)
Pages: 127
Published: August 10th 2017 by Bastard Sword Press
Goodreads Rating: 4.79
Genre: Mystery
Author: William Stacey

Warrior. Outcast … Hero. Framed for theft. Hunted by the underworld. Marked for death by a dark power. If they fail to recover the Mask of Storms, they may lose more than their lives. They may lose their souls. When dockhand Bors is blamed for the theft of a magical artifact—the Mask of Storms—he is hunted by those who will kill anyone to recover it. But Bors is a man with a violent past and when pushed he pushes back. Now, on the run in a foreign city, his only ally is the beautiful but treacherous thief Long Tam. But a dark power watches from the shadows. The Mask of Storms is the first book in the new Blood and Honor series of novella-length fiction written for fans of pulp adventure like Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian. In a story that features a heroic yet flawed former soldier on a personal redemption journey, Stacey brings the reader back into the same dark fantasy world as his Vampire Queen Saga. If you like non-stop action, believable characters, and chilling villains, then you’ll love this new series. Amazon best-selling author William Stacey is a former career army officer and the author of the Vampire Queen Saga and the Dark Elf War series. Buy your copy today!

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