ISBN10: 0983487014
Published: 2012 by Picayune
Series The Book of Ardenne
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN13: 9780983487012
Language English
Author: Lily A. Collins

For as long as she can remember, fourteen-year-old Renee Turner has found solace in books. Books dull the grief left by her mother's death and her father's subsequent withdrawal. Books distract her from the cruel barbs of Evelynne Geld, and temper the indifferent brand of authority doled out at school. Books act as a spyglass to life outside the stifling West Virginia town that she's desperate to escape, but resigned to enduring.

Still, it's only when Renee steals a dusty old volume from a neighbor's attic that she truly discovers the transformative power of books. For in its pages Renee finds an enchanting new world: one where she is exalted, worshiped...and hunted.

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