Pages: 65
Published: July 21st 2013
Goodreads Rating: 2.75
Genre: Romance
Language English
Author: Amy Malone

Mark Thompson's life is in shambles after his high-profile divorce. Needing to put himself back together and lick his wounds, he retreats to Amberville, the place he grew up and the setting for some of his happiest memories - including a long forgotten romance. It's a town so small, even a billionaire can disappear.

Or so he thinks. A long forgotten flame waits to be reignited... Alana Alcock lost her car, house, and even dog in the breakup. Now she's going back to Amberville in the first time in years to house sit for her aunt. It might be just the thing she needs after such a terrible year. She wonders how things got so complicated. Alana remembers the last time things were truly simple in her life.

On that last night in the lake behind her aunt's house with Mark... Tammy Thompson may have signed the divorce papers, but she never intended to give Mark up. Clever, crafty, and cold, she checks with her private eye to track Mark down. Mark may think he has a choice, but Tammy knows his every weakness. She knows it's only a matter of time before she reels him back in... Jeremy Alcock is Alana's emotionally and verbally abusive ex-husband. He's moved onto bigger and better things. But after recieving a mysterious call from a woman he's never met suggesting that Alana is begging him to return, he supposes he'll give her one more chance. If she's a good girl, this time... As forces converge to seperate a reunited Matt and Alana, can Matt resist the urge to take advantage of a vulnerable Alana? Or will their long lost love force them to be Enticed? WARNING: The following 18,824 page short story contains scenes of graphic, steamy sex between it's characters, including a bonus scene that features very aggressive sex. The author is not responsible for those who find it too hot to handle.

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