Sincerely, Mayla

Sincerely, Mayla
ISBN10: 0825436923
Pages: 252
Published: February 5th 2008 by Kregel Publications
Series Just As I Am
Goodreads Rating: 4.15
Genre: Favorites
ISBN13: 9780825436925
Language English
Author: Virginia Smith

Mayla Strong's life is finally starting to seem normal. She has been working at the same job for four years, living with a good friend, and enjoying a deep relationship with God. But when Mayla is suddenly laid off, the placid surface of her life is shattered.

In this touching sequel to Just As I Am, Mayla comes face-to-face with the responsibilities and joys of friends and family. As Mayla tries to help her friends, she realizes that God has all the answers--the trick is letting go long enough to let Him prove it.

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