Katchen's Story: A German Girl Like Me Book 1

Katchen's Story: A German Girl Like Me Book 1
Pages: 209
Published: September 16th 2015 by Joseph R. Costa
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
Genre: War
Language English
Author: Joseph R. Costa

To Americans, Katchen's Story represents a different view of World War II.

It tells the tale of young German women and men caught up in the events of World War II as told from their perspective. It shines light on the plight of common Germans both during and after the war. The German people themselves suffered greatly due to Hitler and were his er known victims. Their story is not a well known story, because for many years after the war, there was little sympathy for the German people or interest in what they went through. The plot of this story takes Katchen, her family and their love interests through real conditions and experiences of the times both inside and outside Germany. Some events in the story are based on the real life experiences of the author’s mother, who grew up in Hamburg, Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1937 at the age of 18, while her family remained and had to live through the war and the horrendous bombing of Hamburg, Germany. After surviving Allied bombings, Nazi oppression and capture by the Allies; they find that their struggle continues due to the lack of food aid and the lawness immediately after Germany's defeat. Folk songs, Nazi rallies, Land Years, immigrants, Heinkel-111 bombers, prison of war camps, detention camps, holding pens, and forced labor are all part of the story. Katchen's Story is a growing up story as well as a love story, an adventure story and a story of endurance and hope set in the turbulent times of World War II. Book 1 takes the reader up to events in early March 1941, while Book 2 (Katchen's Continued Story) tells the remainder of the story. Visit the Katchen's Story website at http://katchensstory.

com for information and photographs about the story behind the story.

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