The Only Man In The World (An Impossible World Book 1)

The Only Man In The World (An Impossible World Book 1)
Pages: 25
Published: March 12th 2018
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Author: Natalie Hunter

Tokyo office worker Himiko has been having lucid dreams for most of her life, so when she wakes up in the setting of her favorite online roleplaying game, she assumes she's dreaming and sets about having some naughty fun with the people she meets. She is in the body of her player character, a sorceress named Lavinia who has enviable curves and some interesting abilities, and Himiko wants to make the most of this before she wakes up, leading to some fairly frantic seductions! However, it is during a hot interaction with some guards that a mysterious (and devastatingly handsome) stranger appears, and as she gets to know him, Himiko starts to see that this might not be a dream after all. Could her alliance with this adventurer help keep her safe in this impossible world? A very sexy fantasy story perfect for adult fans of series like Log Horizon, Overlord and Sword Art Online, or of MMORPGs in general!

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