The Gospel of the Phoenix: Another Revelation of Jesus

The Gospel of the Phoenix: Another Revelation of Jesus
ISBN10: 1478196424
Pages: 124
Published: July 8th 2012 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Genre: Spirituality
ISBN13: 9781478196426
Language English
Author: Stifyn Emrys

The Gospel of the Phoenix tells the story of Jesus’ life, in biblical style, as never before. Fans of Kahlil Gibran and students of history alike will enjoy this the story of a Jewish teacher trained in Egyptian healing and mysticism who set about spreading a gospel of humility, servanthood and renewal. His mission? To reveal the hidden kingdom of heaven that is both within and all around us. His method? Retracing the footsteps of his heavenly father, the Egyptian god Osiris, and honoring his divine mother while immersing his followers in the way of forgiveness, humility and wisdom. The themes in this work will be familiar to Christians and non-Christians alike, but are presented from a perspective that readers from all backgrounds will find fresh and provocative. The intent mirrors that of the author of Luke: to create what he described as an orderly account based on numerous sources. A similar task has been taken up by numerous authors over the centuries, ranging from the Tatian, who produced a second-century harmony of the gospels known as the Diatesseron, to Thomas Jefferson, who created the so-called Jefferson Bible. The Gospel of the Phoenix follows in this tradition, and is written to both inspire and challenge the reader. It acknowledges the profound influence of ancient mystery religions on Jesus’ life and mission and emphasizes his role as a teacher, sage and healer. It also sheds light on several elements of what has come to be a familiar story. Who betrayed him? Was he married? Which of his companions did he trust with his most valued secrets, and whose motives did he doubt? The Gospel of the Phoenix provides surprising and sometimes challenging answers to these and other questions.

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