The Infinity Mainframe

The Infinity Mainframe
Pages: 253
Published: March 3rd 2017
Series Tombs Rising
Goodreads Rating: 3.96
Genre: Science Fiction
Author: Robert Scott-Norton

It called to him from the darkness. He shouldn’t have listened.

The Department is watching, ensuring telepaths play by the rules, but a murder in their ranks drives Ruby to hunt her friend's killer. But as she goes undercover, Ruby gets tangled in the secretive world of telepaths, desperate to prevent a conflict the world isn’t ready for—and can’t survive. The Infinity Mainframe is the third book of the Tombs Rising science-fiction series. If you're a fan of Torchwood, Stephen King, or The X-Files, then you'll love a series that combines all of their best traits in a fast-paced, thrilling adventure. Buy THE INFINITY MAINFRAME and take your first steps into Robert Scott-Norton’s Tombs Legacy.

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