Riot Girl

Riot Girl
Pages: 178
Published: August 1st 2015 by House of Cats
Goodreads Rating: 3.35
Genre: Music
Language English
Author: Laura Whiskens

A rock 'n roll romance.

No one meets their soul mate when they're seventeen, right? But what if the impossible happens and you do? What if they then leave you to become a famous rock star? Completely impossible... Except for seventeen-year-old Indi this is all too real; her life-long best friend, Joel, becomes her first love after years of longing for him. Everything is perfect, more than she had ever dared to hope. Then at a gig, Joel's band gets picked up by a record label and she's left behind in her dead-end home town with no one to turn to and a secret to keep.

Now in her early twenties, Joel's departure still hurts, and her life comes crashing down around her with the news that he and the band, The Riots, are coming to town...

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