Split Second Solution

Split Second Solution
ISBN10: 1942146450
Pages: 244
Published: October 26th 2016 by Garn Press
Goodreads Rating: 3.82
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN13: 9781942146452
Language English
Author: Denny Taylor

Bio-punk. Weird literature that is frighteningly real. Watch out for Sick-Reapers (AI). They’ve hacked your minds and know all your secrets. Split is a dystopian urban novel set in New York City in 2022 that foretells a future we do not want to live.

The principal characters are: Word: Born 2000; French/North African; Last Truth Keeper; ancient texts tattooed on her body hold keys to the future; hunted by Super Recognizers; mother killed when she was eight. X-it: Born 2000; French Creole heritage; super intelligent; father an astrophysicist; loves Word. Death: Counter to all human stereotypes; hates people dying; trans; other personas include Cat, Bat, Bowie and Gaga. Eternity: Extra-terrestrial observer; pure energy; not time bound; appears as the Old Crone and Botticelli’s Venus.

Grann: Creole wise woman; ancient Truth Seeker; ready to die to protect Word. Ginger Tom: Seized power before the novel begins; consumed by idolatry of self; protected by personal militia and Super Recognizers; gaslight the public; orders purges of people and books; hunts Word because she is the Last Truth Keeper. Lunatic Eight: Includes the Freaky Geek and Posh Boy; ultra-rich predatory power mongers; destroy the infrastructure of society; lose control. Super Recognizers: Controlled by Ginger Tom and the Lunatic Eight; known as “Sick Reapers”; by 2022 Sick Reapers are in power; psychopathic obsession with capturing Word. A.I.: Artificial intelligence hostile to biological intelligence; global surveillance machines; collude with Sick Reapers in vicious endgame; can hack consciousness; hack X-it; obsessed by capturing Word. At the beginning of Split, the Sick Reapers and A.I. have seized power and captured Word. To escape being raped and killed, Word jumps into the Hudson River and Death splits the last second of her life to save her. And, it is in the last split second of Word’s life that the entire story is told. Split was written before Trump came to power but mirrors what's happening to us in the wake of his ascendency. The ending of Split is devastating, but there is a chance that by splitting time, X-it, Death, and Eternity will save Word, and use the secrets she protects to stop the Ginger Tom, Lunatic Eight, Sick Reapers and A.I from destroying the future for young people and the planet. Let us hope we are saved too.

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