Online Marketing: A User's Manual

Online Marketing: A User's Manual
ISBN10: 0470973846
Pages: 218
Published: May 23rd 2011 by Capstone
Goodreads Rating: 3.27
Genre: Social Science
ISBN13: 9780470973844
Language English
Author: Murray Newlands

This is Your Complete Manual of Digital Marketing Magic. How do you stay out in from when everything's moving so fast? The internet and social media have changed how we do our jobs beyond recognition. Sometimes it's exciting; other times it's just frightening. Online Marketing has all the answers. Murray Newlands tells you everything you need to know; how to do it; how to do it even better; and what the future might hold. With this book you'll get closer to your customers, increase conversions, learn more about the tools, understand digital brands, and become better networked. What more could you want?

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