Making of a Garden

Making of a Garden
ISBN10: 0760725063
Pages: 192
Published: April 2nd 2001 by Barnes & Noble
Goodreads Rating: 4.23
Genre: Gardening
ISBN13: 9780760725061
Author: Rosemary Verey

Rosemary's Verey's Making of a Gardening invites the reader to share in the artistic vision and experience of a great garden maker, an acknowledged expert on planting and a celebrated and influential garden designer. The garden Rosemary Verey has made at Barnsley House, Gloucestershire, is one of England's finest and most famous not grand or forbidding, but approachable and well loved. It has an overall unity and firm structure, but each individual area - from pool to potager, knot garden to wilderness - is easily understood on a small scale. Whether you want to create an all-seasons garden, grow herbs, make a decorative vegetable garden, plant for beautiful color effect, understand underplanting, choose the best bulbs, or place focal points such as statues and fountains with subtlety or impact, you will find these and any number of gardening skills sympathetically explained here.

In this unique book, Rosemary Verey explains her principles of gardening and describes all her practical experience in the most accessible way - by taking readers on a personal tour of the garden. The culmination of thirty-five years experience, her account of the learning process includes not only the successes and realization of dreams, but also the changes of heart and the garden evolved. Seen through its creator's eyes, the garden yields pearls of wisdom for everyone, from beginners to the most experienced of gardeners.

Gardening expert Rosemary Verey explains her gardening principles and guidelines in a practical and accessible manner, making it possible for all gardeners to create their own masterpiece garden.

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