The Secret of Hades' Eden

The Secret of Hades' Eden
Pages: 310
Goodreads Rating: 3.44
Genre: Fiction
Language English
Author: Graham J. Thomson

Product Description: An ancient secret society… A deadly virus… A quest to conquer the world… Spies, assassins, megalomaniac multi-millionaires, religious cultists – just some of the remarkable characters that feature in this action packed, high octane adventure.

When Ella Moore, a brilliant Egyptologist at Cambridge University, receives a strange and unexpected inheritance from her murdered father – a cryptic note, a mysterious painting and a gold ring emblazoned with a strange symbol – she embarks on a deadly journey to locate an ancient and mysterious book. Hidden for over two-thousand years, and protected by an ancient cult, the book holds the secrets of a long forgotten civilisation.

Secrets that would rock the foundations of Western society and religion. Secrets worth killing for. Agent William Temple, a former special forces intelligence officer, has just joined F-Branch, a covert operational arm of MI6. For his first mission he is assigned to investigate a secret society who plan to release a genetically engineered virus. After William rescues Ella from abduction, they join forces in the hunt for the book. Pursued by a ruth assassin working for the world’s most ancient secret society, together they must decode the mysteries of her father’s legacy and find the book before it falls into the hands of evil and is lost forever. Find the book. Find the vaccine. The clock is ticking...

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