Out of Granada

Out of Granada
Pages: 214
Published: July 25th 2017 by Zimbell House Publishing
Goodreads Rating: 4.40
Genre: Historical
Language English
Author: Ben Fine

The year is 1560, the Inquisition in Madrid has turned on the conversos in Al-Andalus, and the Benzions must flee to their holdings in Palermo. Don Miguel Benzion, a former Captain in the employ of the Duke of Sienna, and the son of a wealthy converso family in Granada, Spain must sell the family business before he is trapped by the inquisition and is forced to flee to Cuba. On the voyage to Cuba, Don Miguel meets the lovely and vivacious Senorita Imelda, who tames this famous swordsman and becomes the love of his life. Once in Cuba, they are forced once again to flee, this time to Mexico. In the Gulf of Mexico, they are captured by pirates, led by the madman Jerusalem, who’s ultimate goal is to recapture Palestine. To save his friends, his family, and his love, Miguel throws his lot in with the pirates. While the pirates end up defeated by the Spanish on the southern coast of Sicily, Don Miguel manages to escape. Can Don Miguel make it to Palermo to reunite with his family? Will the local mafiosi be sympathetic to his plight or will they be yet another obstacle? Will Miguel ever find his Imelda, or will he be too late?

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