Until the Final Verdict

Until the Final Verdict
ISBN10: 0743422295
Pages: 328
Published: May 21st 2002 by Pocket Books
Series Kathryn MacKay
Goodreads Rating: 4.17
Genre: Mystery
ISBN13: 9780743422291
Language English
Author: Christine McGuire

District Attorney Kathryn Mackay finds herself the prime murder suspect in this mesmerizing thriller by New York Times bestselling author and real-life prosecutor Christine McGuire.Judge Jemima Tucker has been brutally murdered in her chambers at the Santa Rita County courthouse -- and Kathryn Mackay vows to bring her friend's killer to justice. But when both Tucker's husband and another judge become suspects, Kathryn ends up walking a minefield of deadly accusations. Meanwhile, Kathryn and her newly reconciled lover, Sheriff Dave Granz, bring an old enemy, Robert Simmons, back into custody. But when Simmons dies unexpectedly under Kathryn's sole supervision -- and the cause of death is found to be homicide -- Kathryn finds herself fighting for her job, her family, and her life.A shocking novel of murder and betrayal, Until the Final Verdict is suspense at its finest.

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