A History of Marxian Economics, Volume II: 1929-1990

A History of Marxian Economics, Volume II: 1929-1990
ISBN10: 0691043035
Pages: 442
Published: March 10th 1992 by Princeton University Press
Goodreads Rating: 4.80
Genre: Economics
ISBN13: 9780691043036
Language English
Author: Michael Charles Howard

This second volume completes a critical history of the social, political, and theoretical forces behind Marxian economics--the only work in English to offer such comprehensive treatment.

Beginning with Marxian analyses of the Great Depression and Stalinism, it explores the theories developed to explain the "long boom" in Western capitalism after the Second World War. Later chapters deal with post-Leninist theories of imperialism and continuing controversies in value theory and the theory of exploitation.

After outlining recent work on the "second slump, " the integration of rational-choice theory into Marxism, and the political economy of socialism, the book concludes with a review and evaluation of Marxian theory over the whole period since Marx's death. Praise for the first volume: "Howard and King have done an excellent job.... One comes away with the impression of Marxian economics being a vibrant subject, relevant to the problems of these times and useful in practical matters."--Meghnad Desai, The Times Higher Education Supplement

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