Pan' E Pomodor - My Passage to Puglia

Pan' E Pomodor - My Passage to Puglia
Pages: 278
Published: June 2011
Goodreads Rating: 3.19
Genre: Uncategorized
Language English
Author: Ian R. McEwan

When the journey began we didn't expect to buy a derelict "torretta" and a 10 acre olive farm in the Gargano, Puglia. My wife's father "escaped" from the village and lifestyle of Vico del Gargano. Each year he would return with his family for August and later, we too visited Vico each summer. For my wife in particular Vico always felt like home. She seemed to have a subliminal bond, perhaps acquired when she was brought to Vico as a baby and left in the care of her grandmother. We instinctively wanted to move to the area, but due to the remoteness, the dialect and strong family reaction we were deterred from doing so.

Nonethe, we continued to harbour dreams of the spur of Italy, its beautiful rugged coastline, its mountainous forested interior, its people, dialect and traditions that gave the impression that civilisation had simply passed the region by.

One day the opportunity arose for us to escape the UK and we embarked on a long journey that would change our lives forever ...

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