Christmastime 1940

Christmastime 1940
Pages: 242
Published: November 6th 2016
Series The Christmastime Series
Goodreads Rating: 4.19
Genre: Romance
Language English
Author: Linda Mahkovec

Set in New York City against the backdrop of impending war, Christmastime 1940: A Love Story tells the story of an unlikely romance between a struggling young mother trying to make a fresh start and a man who has lost his connection to humanity. The curmudgeonly Charles Drooms is perfectly content with his life as the owner of a successful accounting firm.

However, when the beautiful widow, Lillian Hapsey, and her two young sons move down the hall from him, his narrow world is shaken. Three forces—Lillian, the Christmas season, and a mysterious little boy—converge to stir up powerful memories, pushing Drooms to make some life-altering decisions.

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