Rose and the Clematis

Rose and the Clematis
ISBN10: 1870673190
Pages: 206
Published: January 25th 2007 by ACC Distribution
Goodreads Rating: 4.17
Genre: Uncategorized
ISBN13: 9781870673198
Language English
Author: John Howells

The author shows how the climbing rose is the natural companion of the clematis and how, when the two are grown together, the overall effect can be dramatic. The author explains, with the aid of clear step by step illustrated instructions, the effective course of action for success in this increasingly popular area of companion. Written in plain, straightforward language, the author covers every aspect of the subject. As well as details of classification, in which the best plants for the job are discussed, the author provides important seasonal growing information including Autumn and Spring pruning techniques, planting details and invaluable advice on the use of colour. The vexed question of pests and diseases is also dealt with at length. This is an instructive title, of special value to the reader with a limited knowledge of gardening but also containing much to interest the more experienced grower. Written by an enthusiastic amateur grower, with an extensive and practical experience of his su

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