The Nurse

The Nurse
ISBN10: 1520943261
Pages: 263
Published: March 30th 2017 by Chrome Valley Books
Series In Their Shoes
Goodreads Rating: 4.32
ISBN13: 9781520943268
Language English
Author: Andrew Mackay

It’ll take a bucket-load of guts, heart and patients to survive this one! The inpatients are getting impatient. The psychiatric ward is losing its mind. The maternity ward is suffering a midwife crisis. Welcome to the graveyard shift at Shotterlay General Hospital. It’s chucking-out time at the bars on Valentine’s weekend, and chucking up time down at the hospital. The poor, sick and infirm in the waiting area are revolting… in more ways than one! Soon, Shotterlay’s Accident & Emergency department won’t be so much A-OK, as DOA. None of this will stop Sangita Gallagher, though. She’s the hospital’s charge nurse and runs an incredibly tight ship; expediently plugging holes in the paperwork, shift patterns and her patients’ gory wounds. Tonight’s medical mayhem will be journalist Joy Attwood’s toughest assignment yet. It’ll involve copious amounts of violence, blood, vomit, mucous, amniotic fluid, lacerations, fractures, amputations, heart attacks, fornication and pulling things out of unwashed bottoms. It’s absolute chaos and should really come with a trigger warning!

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