The Book of Robert E. Howard

The Book of Robert E. Howard
ISBN10: 0890831637
Pages: 345
Published: 1976 by Zebra Books
Goodreads Rating: 4.21
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN13: 9780890831632
Language English
Author: Robert E. Howard

From the mighty pen that created Conan, Kull and Cormac comes this sweeping collection of stories of sword and sorcery; trembling tales of horror; fantasies so weird they defy description. Here is some of Howard's best work. Contents: "Introduction" by Glenn Lord "Pigeons From Hell" "Recompense" (poem) "The Pit of the Serpent" "Empire" (poem) "Etchings in Ivory" (prose poems) "Proem" "Flaming Marble" "Skulls and Orchids" "Medallions in the Moon" "The Gods That Men Forget" "Bloodstones and Ebony" "Thor's Son" (poem) "Cimmeria" (poem) "A Sonnet of Good Cheer" (poem) "Red Blades of Black Cathay" "The Dust Dance" (poem) "The Bar by the Side of the Road" (poem) "Knife, Bullet and Noose" "The Gold and the Grey" (poem) "Gents on the Lynch" "A Song Out of Midian" (poem) "She Devil" "The Day That I Die" (poem) "The Voice of El-Lil" "Black Wind Blowing" "The Curse of the Golden Skull" "Black Talons" Notes

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