The Ice Chasm

The Ice Chasm
Pages: 347
Published: November 20th 2016 by Turtleshell Press
Series Harvey Bennett
Goodreads Rating: 4.15
Genre: Thriller
Language English
Author: Nick Thacker

THE HOLY GRAIL OF SCIENCE AND COMPUTING... A TECHNOLOGY WORTH KILLING FOR... HAS BEEN CREATED. _____________________________________________________ For years, computer scientists have been working on a single, massive project. It was said to be impossible. Humanity itself may hang in the balance, and a single corporation controls its fate. _____________________________________________________ Artificial intelligence is everywhere -- in the cars we drive, in the appliances in our homes, and in the computers we use for work and pleasure. But this "intelligence" is lacking in one simple, yet major, way. It is not human. Near the McMurdo Station on the continent of Antarctica, a signal is seen and intercepted by a telecommunications company.

They don't understand what the signal means, but whoever sent it is illegally using the company's restricted technology and satellites. Harvey "Ben" Bennett and Juliette Richardson are approached to join an expedition to Antarctica to find the source of the signal, and bring back whatever technology is hidden there. After trekking through the Amazon Rainforest and narrowly escaping death at Yellowstone National Park, Ben has little interest in yet another dangerous mission, but there is one reason he accepts the job: Draconis Industries, the company that was behind the mass genocide at Yellowstone and the heinous crimes in the Amazon. Together, Ben and Julie, joined by new teammates Reggie and Joshua Jefferson, must visit the coldest continent on Earth to uncover what Draconis Industries is trying desperately to keep hidden.

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