Creative Portraits: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques

Creative Portraits: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques
ISBN10: 0470623268
Pages: 239
Published: August 16th 2010 by John Wiley & Sons
Goodreads Rating: 2.81
Genre: Art
ISBN13: 9780470623268
Language English
Author: Harold Davis

Go beyond the basic rules of photography to capture stunning portraits Portrait photography is a vital topic for photographers of every level of experience, from amateur to professional. Written by renowned photographer Harold Davis, this inspirational book encourages you to define our own photographic style and capture stunning, creative, and unique portraits. You'll discover tips and techniques for "breaking the rules" of basic digital photography so that you can go beyond the fundamentals such as composition, lighting, and exposure in order to create memorable and incomparable portraits. Explores the most common subject of most photographers-people-and explains when, why, and how to forgo the fundamentals to capture memorable portraits Encourages you to define your own unique photographic style and offers information and inspiration to help you do so Delves into a variety of creative techniques that you can use when exploring ways to take lively and stunning portraits Illustrated with Harold Davis's striking portrait photography, Creative Portraits will both inform and inspire you.

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