Dream Language: Self-understanding Through Imagery and Color

Dream Language: Self-understanding Through Imagery and Color
ISBN10: 0972520716
Pages: 256
Published: October 30th 2005 by Innersource
Goodreads Rating: 4.20
Genre: Uncategorized
ISBN13: 9780972520713
Language English
Author: Robert J. Hoss

Featuring a unique new dreamwork approach, plus original work on color in dreams, this book holds interest for professionals, students, plus anyone interested in dreams, self-help, or the psychological meaning of color. It offers a fast, easy method for relating dreams to waking life situations, which can be used in personal, professional and group dreamwork. By teaching people to speak the dream language of color and imagery, they discover: the � 6 magic questions� that reveal their inner beliefs & conflicts; the power of dream color to reveal their hidden feelings; a new way to use dreams to transform their life; how the dreaming brain creates a language of its own; how dream language is an expression of waking life. With contributions from over 16 dream experts, the book covers a range of topics from paranormal and spiritual dreams to nightmares to dream healing, and contains unique self-help exercises for working with dreams. It is the first major work on color in dreams, the first book to map the neurobiology of the sleeping brain to the dream language of imagery and color, and contains the first original research on color in dreams.

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