Double Dealing

Double Dealing
ISBN10: 0440121213
Pages: 384
Published: July 1st 1984 by Dell Publishing Company
Goodreads Rating: 3.85
Genre: Romance
ISBN13: 9780440121213
Language English
Author: Jayne Castle

She dangled the bait -- and he bit.

Suddenly Samantha Maitland had the funds to finance the deal of her lifetime -- loaned by an angel with tarnished wings. From the moment they'd met at the posh California spa to his brash arrival at her island home on Puget Sound, venture capitalist Gabriel Sinclair had made it clear he wanted Samantha at any price. What would happen if he discovered the true motive behind her scheme to block Drew Buchanan's Arizona real estate deal? Had Samantha traded her edge in this dangerous game for a reck passion with Gabriel, a man she barely knew? Or for the ultimate revenge on Drew Buchanan, the lover she couldn't forgive... or forget.

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