The Last Hunt (The Law Wranglers, #3)

The Last Hunt (The Law Wranglers,  #3)
Pages: 348
Published: July 17th 2017 by Poor Coyote Press
Goodreads Rating: 4.46
Genre: Westerns
Author: Ron Schwab

Set amidst the last days of the Comanche wars, The Last Hunt continues the story of the Rivers family, whose fates are intertwined with the Comanche—and their great war chief, Quanah Parker—both personally and professionally. The decisions Quanah makes as the conflict nears its end will have a far-reaching effect beyond his Comanche nation, and the long-brewing showdown for Josh to reclaim his kidnapped son reaches its conclusion. In The Last Hunt, the third book of The Law Wranglers series, the stakes are high, and unexpected parties must forge paths of trust, friendship, and forgiveness in building their lives for the future.

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