Above the Slate: An Appalachian Love Story

Above the Slate: An Appalachian Love Story
ISBN10: 1931672113
Pages: 217
Published: October 1st 2002 by Jesse Stuart Foundation
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Genre: Uncategorized
ISBN13: 9781931672115
Language English
Author: Lou Martin

When Neva and Grady marry, she dreams of owning their own home, while he dreams of organizing his fellow coal miners to fight for their rights. Above the Slate follows the twists and turns of the couple�s life together�their birthing and grieving, their hoping and hiding from the law. Throughout it all, Neva and Grady remain committed to different, often conflicting dreams. A down to earth account, Above the Slate is told in the plain and earthy voices of a husband and wife who struggle against the harsh realities of Appalachian coal country in the 1930s. Imprisonment and escape, the death of one child, the birth of three, and a tragic mine explosion give the story structure; an honest portrayal of family relationships gives it heart.

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