The Lost Boyfriend: A Gay Romance (Gay Perfomance Book 2)

The Lost Boyfriend: A Gay Romance (Gay Perfomance Book 2)
Pages: 264
Published: March 13th 2018 by Balmain Publishing
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
Genre: Romance
Author: Kevin Armstrong

Intrepid student journalist Jody Benson who reckons he’s a straight boy finds that his world is being turned upside down when Alex his angelic ‘roomie’ who usually dances naked in their room at Mitchell College disappears. He also becomes involved with a troupe of young drag queens, being recruited to assist them with their ‘tucking and taping’ as they get ready to perform in the hit show Drag. Excerpt: However the newcomer seemed completely unfazed by the scene. He extended a hand to Jody and said “Hi, I’m Jimmy. Jimmy Jackson and it’s my fate to be the producer and terribly strict boss of this wild lot.” “Hey Jimmy!” spluttered Shane. The tall man laughed and said, “Actually I’m terribly proud of my girls and I love them to bits. Now young Shane told me you were coming in for a demonstration of tucking and taping and that you’re going to write a series of articles about our enterprise for a prestigious magazine.” “Well it’s early days yet” said Jody sheepishly. “Oh that’s what I love” said the extraordinary man rubbing his hands together. “Early days full of hope and glory. Now if I’m not mistaken you are the young man who interrupted the show yesterday evening.” “Yeah, sorry about that” said Jody. “I had a bit too much to drink.” “The best champagne” giggled Shane. “Nothing to be sorry about” said the producer. “I loved it. You brought a kind of disruption to the show.” “He certainly did” laughed Shane. “Of course our opening number is not that original” said Jimmy.

“In fact it’s fairly traditional. At the climax of the number the girls lift their dresses above their heads and we wonder – what about their packages? Where has their boyish equipment gone? Just like you were wondering Jody. Now I reckon each time we do a show a fairly big percentage of the audience consists of callow boys, young gay lads just starting to come out. Like you Jody.” “Hey, steady on mate!” Jody had started to get dressed. The producer laughed and said “Then you come along Jody and you put their doubts, their questions into words. Have these gorgeous young queens all had the operation? And then your response Shane; you’ve still got your equipment and you’re certainly not giving it up. And – there is only one other person on the planet who has access to it apart from yourself and that’s your boyfriend! Oh, all the sweet young gays love that kind of sentiment. Of course some of the dreary old queens up the back hated it but that just added to the atmosphere. Now I want to make you an offer Jody. How would you feel about becoming part of the show?” Jody eventually becomes very concerned about his new friend Shane who is the star of Drag. He discovers that although the boy during the show assures the audience that he is absolutely faithful to Caleb his boyfriend – the boy actually disappeared in mysterious circumstances when they were still at high school five years ago. Working with his Uncle Ben who is able to raise substantial resources through his business entity called the Conglomerate, Jody launches a great quest to find the lost boyfriend.

A reward of $200,000 is offered for anyone providing information leading to the discovery of the missing boy. Jody also wonders if the disappearance of Shane's boyfriend and his roomie, the angelic ballet dancer are somehow mysteriously linked.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kevin Armstrong works in film and television production in Asia and the Land Down Under.

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