Guide to Fly Fishing Knots

Guide to Fly Fishing Knots
ISBN10: 1571881832
Pages: 32
Published: July 1st 1999 by Frank Amato Publications
Goodreads Rating: 4.15
Genre: Uncategorized
ISBN13: 0066066003850
Author: Larry V. Notley

This book is helpful, instructive, easy to understand, and will help you bring more of your catch to the net. Larry includes: parts of your line; IGFA line test; tippet to fly size chart; knot-tying tips; terminology; knot applications; and of course, step-by-step instruction for joining lines, lines to flies, loop knots, dropper knots, and yarn indicator knots. Also included are basic fresh- and saltwater leaders and trout and panfish leaders. Twenty different knots are covered with concise text and simple, clear illustrations showing each step. These knots offer a solid base for your knot-tying arsenal. So whether you fish salt water or fresh, this pocket-size book is perfect for your vest, boat, car, or tube.

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