The Voyage

The Voyage
ISBN10: 0385469527
Pages: 288
Published: September 1st 1995 by Nan A. Talese
Goodreads Rating: 2.92
Genre: Romance
ISBN13: 9780385469524
Language English
Author: Robert MacNeil

David Lyon, a star of Canada's foreign service, is on the brink of a career breakthrough.

The Prime Minister himself has mapped out his future, leading to a post as Minister of External Affairs. It's the chance fo a lifetime, an opportunity to shape the foreign policy he has so long followed as a diplomat. But Lyon's new life may crumble before it even begins.

A yacht has been found adrift off the coast of Finland, the woman who chartered it missing and presumed dead. Francesca D'Anielli, the former model who has disappeared, was at the heart of the double life Lyon lived during the early years of his diplomatic career. Once her personal effects are discovered, Lyon knows, their affair will be exposed and he will face scandal, humiliation, personal and professional disaster. The Voyage is a brilliant and beautifully told story of love and its unforeseen consequences, by an award-winning journalist whose fiction is as penetrating as his reporting.

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