Earth-Watching: A Seductive Pleasure in a Perfect World

Earth-Watching: A Seductive Pleasure in a Perfect World
ISBN10: 1450260586
Pages: 292
Published: October 21st 2010 by
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Genre: Uncategorized
ISBN13: 9781450260589
Language English
Author: Linda Novak

Ever fell like your TV is watching you? It is.

The aliens are watching us. They wonder at our customs, abhor our violence, and are puzzled by how we treat our planet. Earth-Watching is a tale of two planets, with simultaneous plots running on both. It is science fiction set in the present day that looks at how another civilization views us. On Earth there is murder and intrigue. On Palala there is conflict about culture, religion, and politics. The Palala civilization is a stable, sophisticated, democratic, almost utopian society that flows with the ecology of the planet. Now, for entertainment and research, they are watching Earth. Some Palalans are adopting Earth customs, and not everyone sees this as a good thing. Kebeck, a Palalan scientist watches an Earth girl, Adeline. He has become attached to her. She is in danger. A hit man is gunning for her. Kebeck wants to help her, but it is forbidden to communicate with beings on Earth. So he ...

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