Read by Dawn: Volume 1

Read by Dawn: Volume 1
ISBN10: 0954947673
Pages: 251
Published: September 1st 2006 by Beautiful Books
Goodreads Rating: 3.61
Genre: Horror
ISBN13: 9780954947675
Language English
Author: Ramsey Campbell

Read By Dawn is the first in an annual international series of contemporary horror writing from new and established authors. The series is curated by Adele Hartley, the influential Festival Director of 'Dead by Dawn', Scotland's International Horror Film Festival. Internationally acclaimed horror author Ramsey Campbell hosts Volume One with an introductory and closing piece, and provides a hugely atmospheric story, "A Place of Revelation." Read By Dawn Volume One was launched in the UK at the 13th annual Dead by Dawn horror film festival in Edinburgh in April 2006. The volume contains fifteen stunning new stories from British and American horror writers, representing the best in contemporary horror writing. 'Dead by Dawn' is a member of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation and closely aligned with the annual Los Angeles and Montreal horror film festivals.The Read By Dawn annual collections will be marketed via horror film networks all over the world, and are set to become the new standards in contemporary horror fiction.

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