You Can Run The Streets With Your Thugs

You Can Run The Streets With Your Thugs
Pages: 191
Published: September 29th 2016 by Mz.Lady P Presents
Goodreads Rating: 4.37
Genre: Uncategorized
Language English
Author: Michay and J'Diorr

After losing her first love to the streets, Kimora vowed to never love again. That's until her heart was captivated by the thuggish, street savvy, charming and not to mention sexy Mustafa.

With Kimora's boss mentality and undeniable hustle, Mustafa falls head over hills for Kimora. The only problem is he doesn't know how to handle the independent woman she is. Being use to needy and submissive women, in which Kimora is neither, Mustafa's Alpha Male tendencies are constantly being tested by the strong characteristics that lives deep within Kimora.

Having a hard time juggling being a family man and a street King, Mustafa wonders if he bit off a little more than he can chew? When the two decides to travel down the bumpy road of love, a series of wrong turns, dead ends and a end road of misfortunes arise, testing both their judgements, loyalty, love & hearts. Coming from two completely different worlds, two totally different backgrounds, Kimora & Mustafa find out the hard way that they may not be so different after all. When it's all said and done, will the two survive the odds against them? Overcome the lies & deceit that's meant to break them? Flourish after the storms? Or will everything they worked so hard for crumble right before their eyes?

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