The Remnants

The Remnants
ISBN10: 1468163558
Pages: 284
Published: April 21st 2012 by CreateSpace
Goodreads Rating: 3.40
Genre: Uncategorized
ISBN13: 9781468163551
Language English
Author: Troy A. Skog

The Kingdom of Pendar has been at peace for centuries. Man and dwarf live side by side under beloved King Samuel Ellingstone. Now, that peace is being threatened. Orgle, ruler of the gnomes, has brought war to Pendar. Aided by a mysterious talisman, he seeks to fulfill his destiny: to unite his fellow gnomes and bring an end to the Ellingstone bloodline, including the young heir. Orgle’s powerful army, fueled by an unnatural alliance, seems unstoppable, leaving the king to wonder if the towering granite walls of Pendar will be strong enough to hold back the gnome invaders, and if the royal family will survive to unite their people and restore peace to Pendar once again?

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