Warrior's Heart

Warrior's Heart
ISBN10: 1933400188
Published: November 1st 2007 by Chippewa Publishing LLC/Lady Aibell Press
Series Gifts Of The Ancients
Goodreads Rating: 3.96
Genre: Adult Fiction
ISBN13: 9781933400181
Language English
Author: Bianca D'Arc

In love forever with her brother's best friend, Casey thinks she doesn't have a shot with the strong and silent Special Forces unit leader, Hal Halowell.

But he's back from a mystical military escapade in the ancient city of Babylon that has left him gifted with strange abilities and things have changed drastically. All bets are off when Casey's life is endangered by the people who are after Hal and he can no longer deny his need for the woman he's loved secretly since she was just a kid.

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