Return to the Valley

Return to the Valley
ISBN10: 1620066890
Published: October 28th 2016 by Sunbury Press, Inc.
Series The Crossers
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Genre: Uncategorized
ISBN13: 9781620066898
Author: Terry Ray

"Return to the Valley" picks up the story, ten years after the conclusion of the epic American Classic Series, "The Crossers." The main character, Marty Chapman, has settled into a happy, normal, family life as a college professor in a small town in Kansas and seems to have finally found contentment. As in the original series, however, Marty is not destined for such a life. This continuing epic, once again, traverses the complete spectrum of human emotions and life experiences that will leave the reader transfixed and in awe. This story winds its way through romantic love and family bliss, to the revealing inside story of the treacherous, back-stabbing, real world of university faculty, to pure evil, blackmailing co-eds, homicide and the anatomy of a sensational murder trial, to heroism and betrayal, and the evolution of a new and quickly growing religion that is changing the world forever. If you are the type of reader who wants to become thoroughly engrossed in a novel and left pondering some of the fundamental questions of life and death, "Return to the Valley" will wonderfully fulfill your reading niche.

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