Gordon's Great Escape

Gordon's Great Escape
ISBN10: 1471143635
Pages: 32
Published: October 20th 2016 by Simon & Schuster Ltd
Goodreads Rating: 4.30
Genre: Childrens
ISBN13: 9781471143632
Language English
Author: Sue Hendra

Follow Gordon the Balloon on his adventures around the world; learning new things, meeting people and avoiding all the dangers which come with being a balloon. Gordon is having a great time travelling with the circus when a storm hits their ship, leaving them stranded on an island! What will they do? Lost in the middle of the ocean and with no means of escape, it's up to Gordon to save the day. The bestselling, award-winning Sue and Paul bring their brilliant comedic talents to this incredibly child-friendly idea that has the possibility to develop into a wider series.

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