The New Paleo PKE Diet: Paleo Keto Epigenetic Diet Revolution

The New Paleo PKE Diet: Paleo Keto Epigenetic Diet Revolution
Pages: 196
Published: July 29th 2015 by One Life Wellbeing
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
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Language English
Author: Beran Parry

The science of intelligent nutrition has now reached its peak with the introduction of the complete formula for effective weight-loss and improved health and well being.

The Paleo-Keto-Epigenetic Diet System brings together all the key components to enhance the quality of our lives and encourage our bodies to burn fat naturally. PKE delivers an amazing array of health benefits • Eliminate the harmful, inflammatory foods that promote disease and store fat • Switch your metabolism from sugar-burning to fat burning and watch the weight drop off • Discover the miracle of your body’s natural ability to run perfectly on your excess fat deposits • Feel the amazing increase in energy levels as your body fuels itself using ketones instead of sugars • Notice the boost to your mental faculties as your brain switches to burning ketone fuel • Reduce the risk of disease by removing the factors that encourage poor health • Revolutionise your health by respecting the way your body has evolved • Understand the dynamics of intelligent nutrition • Enjoy some of the most delicious, nutritious and healthy food your body can thrive on • Take advantage of the latest and most surprising discoveries about what constitutes great nutrition The modern dependence on a diet rich in carbohydrates has caused widespread health problems and an explosion in obesity rates. Where nutrition is concerned, even mainstream medical advice is still often thirty or forty years behind the research. The Paleo-Keto-Epigenetic Diet System draws together all the essential strands to make a complete and comprehensive nutritional programme that will change your body from a fat storage depot to a highly efficient fat-burning machine. This is how our bodies evolved. The change in eating choices eliminates toxins from the body, restores natural balance to the intestinal flora, burns excess fat, sharpens mental function, eliminates cravings and dramatically reduces the risk of disease incidence. Many of the diseases that are associated with the western lifestyle are produced by environmental factors, external influences that can trigger changes in our genes.

And food is one of the major factors that can either support our health or harm it. The Epigenetics revolution has completely changed our understanding about the way our genes can trigger disease. Rather than blaming our ancestors and the bing or curse of our genetic inheritance, we now know that many genes respond to external signals and that our food choices can either encourage or suppress the genetic response to enable or to disable a disease.

That means that the medicine of the future will focus far more on prevention than cure. That future is already with us today. The Paleo Diet respects our evolutionary development. The Keto Diet switches the body into its natural, fat-burning mode. The Epigenetic Diet keeps our genes switched to their healthiest possible profile. When the three programmes are placed together, working in complete harmony, the resulting PKE Diet is the truly revolutionary approach to promoting all-round total health and weight loss that your body will enjoy to the max. It is not simply a recipe for a longer life. It’s a proven recipe for a healthier, leaner, fitter, stronger and happier long life. This is the future of intelligent nutrition.

This is the way we can respect our bodies and follow the most natural way of fuelling our systems and enhancing the quality of our lives. This is PKE. And now it can belong to you. For the rest of your life. Download this book TODAY!

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