Aayush Creations Adult Coloring Book

Aayush Creations Adult Coloring Book
Published: December 14th 2016 by LULU
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Genre: Colouring Books
Author: Vaishali Mane

Creativity, passion, and perseverance have been constant companions in my journey to depict, represent, and render the throbbing imaginative narratives that I conceptualized in my mind from time to time. In this collection, I bring together several memories of yesteryears and take you along on my voyage during the past decades through my design and sketches. I have never formally attended any school of fine arts, but I do have my share of inspirations. Aayush, my school-going son, has been a true friend and a source of inspiration. His love, affection, and trust in me have indeed motivated me. His sincere and honest feedback on my creations has helped me improve and better myself. He does have some sparkling contributions to this project. This book is dedicated to my parents for putting up a brave front through all odds and for their sheer efforts in overcoming all hardships and for shaping me into a person that I am today. I hope you enjoy! Happy coloring!

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