Eat Healthy Be Sexy

Eat Healthy Be Sexy
ISBN10: 0988538792
Pages: 270
Published: April 2014 by Accretive Solutions Limited
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Genre: Uncategorized
ISBN13: 9780988538795
Language English
Author: Natalie Mitchell

Natalie Mitchell's Amazon Best Seller latest book "Eat Healthy Be Sexy" will clearly resonate with her readers as it is written with passion, penned with feeling and is brimming with a lot of important factual advice and knowledge. The title speaks to the truth that your health and how you feel are intertwined more than many people realize. As Ms. Mitchell aptly puts it, "Sexy has no expiration date!" "Eat Healthy, Be Sexy" is a must read for all people who want to become effectively knowledgeable about how to eat their way to good health for life and how to avoid the bad stuff along the way. Ms. Mitchell brings to the book a refreshing and motivating perspective on the merits of eating healthy and why this will influence and better readers lives from their very core and spirit all the way through to the way they look, think and act as they go about living and enjoying life. Ms. Mitchell's heartfelt book delivers this attractive guidance with much practical self-help support that is relevant to everyone, regard of age or status. With lots of factual information and food charts interspersed with valuable motivational passages, the book contains clear guidelines for readers to create and maintain a healthy bodily environment for life and one in which disease cannot thrive. While the information itself is easy to understand, the Author's clear message is that we, as individuals, can exercise significant control over our health destiny. Natalie Mitchell is an international consulting Nutritionist specializing in life coaching for her clients through nutrition knowledge tailored for the needs of the human body as well as using nutrition as the spring board for powerful, mental messages. In "Eat Healthy, Be Sexy" Ms. Mitchell shares her extensive knowledge and understanding of the extraordinary power of diet and nutrition in shaping our lives life in all its facets, backed up with frequent reference to research papers from both mainstream and alternative medical sources.

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