Secrets Not Whispers

Secrets Not Whispers
Pages: 202
Published: January 9th 2017 by My Big Fat Orange Cat Publishing
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Language English
Author: Bonnie Elizabeth

Whisper isn't the only place mountains move Meg arrives amid typical Las Vegas chaos, but not all of it is normal. She thinks a local mountain has moved. Her ties to Peter severed so she can heal, Meg investigates on her own. Back in Whisper, a murderer tangles Rain in her web. Barringer and Associates works harder than they ever expected examining clues to what is happening to Rain and to Meg. No amount of investigation stops a would-be murderer, though. Isolated in Las Vegas, Meg draws upon her own abilities to rescue herself. To succeed, she’ll need friends she didn’t even know she had, Secrets Not Whispers is the ninth exciting installment of the Whisper series, wrapping up the plot that began in A Haunting Whisper. Don't miss it.

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