Jason Willoby

Jason Willoby
Pages: 64
Published: March 19th 2012 by Secret Cravings Publishing
Goodreads Rating: 2.50
Genre: M M Romance
Language English
Author: Donna McIntosh

At age twenty-six, Jason Willoby has finally managed to save up enough money to move to San Francisco; a place he has dreamt about for years where he can live openly gay. The first day on his new job, the tall blond starts receiving sexy emails addressed to 'Blue Eyes' and sighed 'Someone'. Before long this Someone becomes the most important person in Jason's life.

The only problem, Someone refuses to identify himself and absolutely refuses a face to face meeting. Will Jason ever be able to figure out who his secret admirer is? Will there be a future for the two of them? Or is he doomed to live a life alone with nothing but his dreams for company?

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