No Direction Home: Bob Dylan

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan
ISBN10: 0825634520
Pages: 64
Published: September 1st 2005 by Amsco Music
Goodreads Rating: 4.31
Genre: Biography
ISBN13: 9780825634529
Language English
Author: Robert Shelton

(Music Sales America). With a treasure of authentic and vintage footage, a host of characters including Pete Seeger, Allen Ginsberg and Mavis Staples, and in-depth conversation with Dylan himself, Scorsese's Grammy-winning documentary captured a turbulent period in the history of folk and rock music. Focusing upon the years between 1962 and 1966, Scorsese charts the struggles of the young, sophisticated and hugely gifted songwriter as he embraces the sounds of rock whilst being shunned by a traditional music audience that saw Dylan as their own. The film is packed full of magical performances, memorable songs and great recording sessions, and twenty-eight of those wonderful Dylan moments are available here for you to sing and play.

Arranged for guitar and voice, with melody line and chord boxes, the songs include such masterpieces as Blowin' in the Wind, Mr Tambourine Man and Like a Rolling Stone .

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