The Salesman’s Guide to Dating: A Sales Book About Making Connections... With an Unexpected Twist!

The Salesman’s Guide to Dating: A Sales Book About Making Connections... With an Unexpected Twist!
Pages: 73
Published: February 10th 2018
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Author: David Masover

Why is sales so hard? It’s just talking to people, so what’s the big deal? For most people, sales and dating are both hard - and for the same basic reason. Talking to someone when we are hoping for a specific outcome is much more than “just talking”. Our desire for a specific outcome makes a huge difference in how we think about it, feel about it, and perform during the communication. So what can we do to be more effective when we want to have a conversation that leads to a certain outcome? There is no trick, but there is a winning methodology There are no guarantees or sure-fire tricks to ensure that any specific conversation will end the way you want it to, but if you want to improve your chances that over the course of many conversations you will increase your odds of getting the results you want - then having a system helps - a lot. But what does dating have to do with sales? Sales and dating are both about making connections and building on them.

There are - of course - many differences, but also some similarities that can be learned from - in both directions. Blending together ideas about dating in the context of selling, and selling in the context of dating, The Salesman’s Guide to Dating is a short, fun blend of these two connection-building activities. In other words, this little book will show you how to start your connection-making and connection-building efforts the right way, and to follow that right way through to the end - whatever your desired end result might be. What exactly will I learn from the book? How to find the best places to look for the right potential connections How to reach out to those connections in a way that starts you out on the “right foot” How to make sure early on that both of you feel that it’s worth the time to get to know each other How to learn what the other person is looking for, and to establish yourself as the person to get that from How to make suggestions for moving forward together that are more likely to succeed How to respond to questions, concerns and other forms of reluctance How to set up success - however you define it - by following the right path to get there from the start By the end of the book, you will see how - in certain ways - sales and dating have a lot in common. More importantly, you will be able to see a path to success in both sales and dating that is clear, holistic, and actionable. Find what you are looking for Whether you are looking for love or looking to make quota - by the time you are done with the book, you will know what you need to do to reach the results you are after, and the steps you need to take to get there. About the author: David Masover was not a natural born salesperson. In fact, he completely bombed in his first two sales jobs. But sales was the first job that Masover failed at, and he was unwilling to let selling beat him, so he did what the son of a scientist should do. He studied and he experimented. Over the course of a few years and a few jobs, Masover created systems and tested ways of executing and organizing his sales work. His results began to improve, and while sales is never easy, using his methodology, selling became systematic.

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