Avalon Wishes

Avalon Wishes
Published: April 7th 2017 by Alexa Whitewolf
Series The Avalon Chronicles
Goodreads Rating: 4.80
Genre: Fantasy
Language English
Author: Alexa Whitewolf

Before the dreams...

there came the wishes. ​ Immerse yourself in Vivienne and Sebastien's past, and the characters of the Arthurian story. Part I: Friendship Atrox is a deity who gambled hard - and lost. Shunned from his pantheon, he is sent to the underworld as a demon lord. His new job? Create havoc on heart, corrupt the hearts of easily influenced humans, and, overall, be evil. Emrys is a young man, barely out of his teens, and dealing with his father's brutal abuse. When he learns the true origins of his birth, he leaves his old life behind to seek a new one. A wizard of light magic, he attracts darkness like honey does bees. But who is the woman who enters his life, whose toxicity he cannot escape? Is she his soul mate, or his doom? These two opposites' fates will intertwine as they fight, form bonds, and ultimately, go their separate ways. ​ Part II: Love You've seen Vivienne and Sebastien's story, but not in their own time. Submerge yourself in their love, as they navigate the treacherous world of magic and perils, and interact with Arthur and his Camelot court. ​ Part III: Loyalty He was the boy who would become the greatest leader. She was the woman who ensnared him, to ultimately betray him. Arthur and Guinevere's story, like you've never seen before. ​ Do not be fooled, these are not three separate stories. They are parts to a whole, intertwined at times, completely different at others. The end will culminate in the ultimate battle of light vs dark - but who is what?

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