Copland Connotations: Studies and Interviews

Copland Connotations: Studies and Interviews
ISBN10: 0851159028
Pages: 230
Published: May 9th 2004 by Boydell Press
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Genre: Uncategorized
ISBN13: 9780851159027
Language English
Author: H. Wiley Hitchcock

The contributors to Copland Connotations - both American and British - include the leading figures in Copland studies. Pre-eminent among these is Vivian Perlis, whose two-volume memoirs were written in collaboration with the composer himself; then Howard Pollack, whose substantial biography of Copland has been acclaimed; and also other established specialists in American music such as Stephen Banfield, William Brooks, Mark DeVoto, Peter Dickinson, David Schiff, Larry Starr and the distinguished analyst Arnold Whittall.

Brilliant studies from young scholars are a special feature - Jessica Burr, Jennifer DeLapp, Sally Bick, Daniel E. Mathers and Marta Robertson.

These all offer exciting new perspectives on Copland's work; unique reflections on his private life; and indicate the undoubted vitality of his appeal to future generations.The British-based team of authors, along with Anthony Burton, David Nicholls and Bayan Northcott, engages in a lively open forum discussion covering many issues in connection with Copland and his work. And finally Copland Connotations brings Copland himself into the picture by providing transcriptions of two previously unpublished interviews Copland gave to Peter Dickinson at Keele University in 1976.

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