Longer I Wait, More You Love Me

Longer I Wait, More You Love Me
ISBN10: 0978926226
Pages: 124
Published: October 15th 2009 by Palm Press
Goodreads Rating: 4.88
Genre: Poetry
ISBN13: 9780978926229
Language English
Author: Wendy S. Walters

Wendy S. Walters is not poetic, she is cinematic. Her toolbox contains all of the possibilities of widescreen behavior, and each page of this book knows it. Everything we learned as poets, she has unlearned.

If you read her across the page, horizontally, she appears to be a narrative poet with a linear line in love with story but if you read her down the page, vertically, she appears to be a philosophical painter with an insistent line in love with layering.

Verite not mere studio mise en scene, Walters is also a master of erasure--no easy similes or tie-up-the-end-the-poem metaphors.

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